China and the Silk Road

Some historians believe that the road from Europe was not needed for China to solve economic problems. There was no problems in the country. The desire to trade with the West reflected “the interest in exotic and luxury.” It is also responsible to the Chinese understanding of their state as “Middle Kingdom”: “Everyone come to us, and everybody brings something.”

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Oases and temples on the way of Silk Road were centers where the trade and military garrisons were placed. In Dungan, for example, that was standing on the western border of China, all the exported goods were checked. Recordings made in China also were submitted to inspection. One curious document was saved. The traveler, who visited China in the III century AD, wanted to take to Samarkand his notes about the country. He was not allowed to do this, and the records were kept in Dungan till the present days.

Observing the stars

In the city of Samarkand, there is one more place, which is very worth visiting. The construction you see in the picture above is the one I am talking about. You may now have a question: well, what can the building be used for, since it is that low??

Here is the answer: this is the very famous and unique historical heritage, which was built by the great king and scientist Mirzo Ulugbek. It is the observatory, from which the astrologist learned the stars in such a great way that his knowledge was the perfect foundation for today’s science.

Now to make it easier to understand, I would like you to go ahead and take a look at how it looks from inside.


Shohi Zinda

You may definitely end up wondering why every site in Samarkand usually reminds people of death, because the next destination of ours is also a mausoleum… The explanation is pretty simple: Samarkand brought up such great people that each of them deserved a separate honor and the memorials built for them were as majestic as they are.

Today’s mausoleum is a bit different from others: it is pretty much the largest memorial complex in the city and the one, for whom it was built, was also special. Qusam ibn Abbos, the cousin of prophet Muhammad (s.a.v.) is that person. They say the he was the closest one to the prophet in his appearance.

In 676, he came to Samarkand to spread Islam and was killed in the battle. Later this mausoleum, which contains 20 variety of constructions, was built for his honor by Tamerlane and his grandson Ulugbek.

Bibi Khanum

Once you are in Samarkand, there is one more place, which is worth visiting. It is the beautiful mosque, named after Bibi Khanum, one of the greatest women of Uzbek history. There is an interesting question though: why did they decide to name this mosque after a woman, not a male scholar, as they usually do?

In order to find an answer to this, we need to get to know her in the first place. Also famous as Saroy Mulk Khanum, she is the beloved wife of the great conqueror, Tamerlane. Known as the most beautiful, wise and kind woman of her time, Bibi Khanum deserved such a huge part of Tamerlane’s heart, that he devoted this gorgeous mosque for her.

Need to note that all building materials were brought from India and the best masters of that time were responsible for creating such a nice design of the mosque.

Gur Amir

It is always hard to believe that everything has an end in this world. However, when you visit the places, such as Gur Amir, there will be no other way than admitting it.

Gur Amir from Uzbek means “Tomb of Amir/Tamerlan”. Also located in Samarkand city, this mausolem attracts every single tourist, who visits Samarkand. They do it not only to enjoy watching another masterpiece of architects, but also to see with their own eyes the fact; the fact that even the conqueror of the world was not able to stay in this life forever…

Registan Square

The doors of Tamerlan, Sher Dor may be a bit difficult to distinguish, when you see the other buildings that stand nearby. So, where is it located at the first place?

Sher Dor is welcoming the tourists from all over the world from the famous square or downtown Samarkand, which is called as “Registan”. This is the place, which became the symbol of Samarkand city, just like Eiffel tower in Paris.

On the right side and in front of Sher Dor, there are two more buildings of the same size and shape. They were built by next rulers of Temur’s empire and served as madrasahs – the religious institiutions in the city.

Doors of Tamerlan

The majestic masterpiece of architecture in the picture above is special for the reason that it was built by one of the biggest conquerors of the world – Tamerlan or Amir Temur. And guess where it is located? In one of the most beautiful cities of Uzbekistan – Samarkand.

SInce I started from the building itself, I will introduce it first, before going into the city itself. It is called Sher Dor, which means the “building with tigers”. During the rulings of Amir Temur, it served as madrasah, religious institution. Despite the fact that the religion of Islam did not support the drawings of animals or people, Tamerlan wanted those couple of tigers on the walls of Sher Dor. This also proves that not everyone would dare to go for this except for Tamerlan himself that time!

Tour Package

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Hoping you are enjoying the new day, I will send this little virtual gift for you, guys!

I was planning to introduce you the city of Tashkent even closer with some introductory videos and so on, but I thought it would be more interesting to look at it from different side, that is a nice music video by its own citizens! So I did here:

This is the famous folklore musical band of Uzbekistan, SATO, who always do a great job in playing the traditional and classic Uzbek music in variety of versions. The clip below is made in Tashkent city, so now you can enjoy both Uzbek music arts and the view of its busy streets!

Stone City

Tashkent – the mirror of that beautiful country, through which you will be able to see pretty much whole Uzbekistan. This is the center, where variety of cultures come together and represent Uzbekistan in the best way possible!

The first thing you will notice in Tashkent is its cleanness. Washed roads every morning and evening, pavements with fresh green grasses on them, beautiful buildings of business, trade and world cuisines, all can immediately make you fall in love with the city.

What made me personally amazed is that you can walk around the city at midnight and guess what: there is nothing to be scared of! On pretty much every step you will the cops, who are actually there to provide peace for the citizens! And therefore, you will not be the only one enjoying the peace of cool night in summers…