Karakol Paragliding

Our today’s destination is not new for you guys. You have already been there virtually and hopefully, some of have already enjoyed skiing on the slopes of it as well! I am talking about the best ski resort of Kyrgyz Republic – Karakol!

It is not news for you to know either that Karakol offers a wide range of entertainment options except for skiing. The one, which is perfect for this season of spring and summer, is paragliding! So now you have the second choice between Suusamyr from the last post and Karakol! The video below is a perfect reflection of people’s joy in the ski resort during paragliding!

Happiness of Flying

We will not go far away from the enchanting valley of Suusamyr today, because there is something else to explore for us with you, guys!

It turns out that Suusamyr is visited not only by the ski fans… How did I find out? I remember seeing one of the coolest photos of my friend on social network – it was taken during the process of flying! He was high above the sky flying among the clouds and making the best of life! Naturally, what I asked first was: “Wow! Where is that?” So I found that it is region very close to  Suusamyr, which provides that cool destination for this activity.

It may be a bit early to fly at the moment, but I guess it is good to keep an eye on such awesome plans for you future spring picnics and weekends with your family and friends! The days are getting warmer and sunnier, so the happiness of flying is also very close!

Heart of Tian Shan

So close to spring and maybe even after the season of spring comes, these guys made an awesome trip to go for winter activities. As you can see, they are in Suusamyr, but what place is that actually?

Suusamyr is a wonderful valley, literally the winter wonderland of Tian Shan mountains. They also call it the Heart of the Great mountain range. The height of the peaks can reach up to four thousand anf even more!

Let us check out what this valley of winter sports can promise to its visitors:



We will keep on exploring the skiing opportunities, since it still feels like winter despite the end of it. I guess, we have discovered enough of the places in Kyrgyzstan and now we can go out of the country and look around a bit.

So, one of the nicest and closest destinations from Bishkek city would be the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan! These two nations are actually a lot like each other in their culture, traditions, clothes, food and so much more. However, when you enter Almaty, you will see noticable difference in the development of the city.

There are so many comparisons to be done between two cities, but let us just go ahead and take a look at what Almaty has for the lovers of winter sports.

Shymbulak is the ski resort that Almaty can be very proud of! Built with the latest technologies, the resort offers all the conditions necessary. The territory is huge with perfect snow condition, modern sky lifts and much more!


I still find it really interesting why they named such place as “Nooruz”… The thing is, there is another nice destination for skiing in Kyrgyzstan, which is called Nooruz. Since the famous traditional spring (!) holiday is also called the same, it makes me feel weird…

Anyways, welcome to Nooruz ski base! This place is one of the most comfortable ones for skiing in terms of a distance between the country’s capital and the ski base. It takes just about 30 km of drive from Bishkek till you get to Nooruz ski base.

Located on the altitude of over a thousand and nine hundred meters, the ski complex gives enough opportunities to enjoy your favorite winter sports, including skiing, freeride or snowboarding.

There definitely is a difference between Karakol or Orlovka and Nooruz, such as the popularity of Karakol is of course much higher or the dishes may not be as various as in Orlovka, however, the spirit of winter still can be felt and the fun weekends are guaranteed!

Escape to “Kashka Suu”

Tours around Asia are continuing. We are now in the hot point of winter vacations and everyone is doing his or her best to have as much memorable winter events and activities as possible. We are one of them, are we not?!

I wonder if this feeling is familiar to you: life in the big city is so busy, noisy and you need an escape time to time. Hiding inside your home is not the best option. So you decide to go do some activities somewhere like Karakol ski resort. Unfortunately, that place is too famous and full of people – again this noise!

Now you need the REAL escape! Here is where you should be heading: to Kashka suu ski resort! It is very close to Bishkek city, about an hour away. The place is a little smaller than Karakol, offers more than its size!

Prepare skates!

For those,who prefer skating over skiing, or just too lazy to leave Bishkek city and travel for 4 hours, here is a nice offer: why not to enjoy skating on the open air skating rank! ?

Our destination today is not as far as Karakol. It is located just about 50-60 minutes from Bishkek city. With its unusual name “Uncle Tom’s cabin”, the place deserved the love and preference of many people around.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is not a single cabin as it seems to be. It is a beautiful recreational area, which can actually be visited all year around. In summer you will enjoy the coolness of river by your side.

In winter, the huge area covered with ice makes it perfect to skate under the bright sky and beautiful nature around.  Now it is very season to go for that activity, train your skating skills or just have fun if you are already the skates master!

Karakol Ski-Resort

Issyk Kul province is famous not only for the amazing lake, but also for bunch of more touristic attractions. The next place that we must check out is Karakol city. Visiting Karakol in winter is the best option and here is why:

Karakol is famous for its amazing mountains and snow in great condition. Therefore, it already became number one ski-resort in the whole country! The resort itself is located just 20-30 minutes away from the city itself. There are so many opportunities to enjoy winter vacations as much as possible besides skiing: free-ride, snowmobile, paragliding and snowboarding. There are lifts as well for those, who is tired of skiing and just want to relax and enjoy the view of nature from above.

The prices are pretty affordable, or even cheaper than in foreign countries. So, it is more fun to come with a huge company, such as family and friends. There are nice hotels to stay for some days and rentals, in case you do not have the necessary equipment for skiing.

Pearl of Kyrgyzstan

It is now time to introduce you to one of the most famous and most visited places of Kyrgyzstan. It is Issyk Kul, which is translated as “Warm Lake” from Kyrgyz language. The lake is not ordinary and there are pretty many reasons…

The pearl of Kyrgyzstan – Issyk Kul is the world’s second largest alpine lake after Titikaka. Unlike many other lakes, Issyk-Kul’s water is crystal clear. The nature around is breathtaking, thanks to the majestic glaciers surrounding the lake.

It is such a natural wonder that many rivers flow into the lake, but there is none which goes out of it. At the same time, the level of water never goes higher than the limit!

The fact that the ancient city of Chigu Chen was found under Issyk-Kul also makes it more mysterious. Just imagine people living as a whole nation just some centuries ago at the bottom of this lake…


Walnut World

The effective of excluding grazing in the walnut forests, Kyrgyzstan

Let us make this one of our virtual tour something a bit different. We will avoid any kind of monuments, museums, resorts or other attractions. It will be a nice trip to the nice forest in the south of Kyrgyzstan, Jalal-Abad province. The forest is not the typical one with usual trees, but the one filled with walnuts.

Arslanbab is the biggest by the territory walnut forest in the world. The trees can live for several centuries and still give the same huge amount of fruit every year. There are some legends as well, that say Alexander the Great came to these places years ago and first discovered the walnuts. He took some back to Greece and it was spread to the world under the name of “Greek walnuts”.

There are pretty big amount of visitors every year, who come to enjoy this calming area, located on the mountain ranges and a beautiful waterfall nearby. Arslanbab walnut forest is now one of the most precious treasures of not only Kyrgyzstan, but also the whole planet.