Modern nomads


If you visit Kyrgyzstan, local people will be happy to take you to the ethnic tours and share their culture and traditions with you. Since they have been nomads till very recent years, yurts – the tents , where they used to live before, will be the must see place. Yurts were very compact and comfortable to move around for nomads. The way how the things are perfectly organized in that tiny yurt may amaze you. There are certain rules which are supposed to be followed by the family members inside the “house”.
For the person, who is used to western comfort, it will be really hard to get used to their lifestyle. However, get ready for a big surprise: there are more and more modern yurts, which can be compared even to 5-star hotels!

Silk Road Trips

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I am honored to welcome you guys to our virtual tour to Silk Road today! Since the road is pretty long and full of different sights, I would like to start off with one of the smallest countries, through which the silkway passed through.

Kyrgyzstan is that very heart of Central Asia, which is gloried for its rich history and untouched nature. It is the land of nomads, who were able to survive through tough conditions of nature and different periods of history. They now are the citizens of an independent Republic of Kyrgyzstan, which just celebrated its 23rd Anniversary this year.

Despite its young age and small territory, Kyrgyzstan was able to attract plenty of tourists from all over the world. Its beautiful mountains and valleys, unique atmosphere of the past can create one of the best asia tours for the guests from abroad.

Why Central Asia?


If to say the truth, I decided to do my thing here, which is spreading my love for Asia to everyone reading this blog. Central Asia is my home, it is the place I lived through thick and thin. This is the land which was the evident of world changing historical events through thousands of years!

The last but not least, Central Asian countries, such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are one of the few amount of countries, which still keep their culture and traditions and live with them. It definitely does deserve a special attention. I’ve had the joy of guiding a lot of tourists around Central Asia, and now I feel like doing it even at home, from my comfort zone. I’ll be sharing every precious information for tour travel lovers.